The 32nd Annual Midwest Implant Institute Fellows® Symposium.


Digital Implant Dentistry: The 32nd Annual Symposium

The 32nd annual Midwest Implant Institute Fellows Symposium: Digital Implant Dentistry, a two day course, is held at Le Méridien Columbus The Joseph in the Short North District of Columbus, Ohio.  On August 3rd and 4th, 2018 come witness the gathering of great minds.

The 32nd Midwest Implant Institute® Fellows Symposium encompasses Digital Implant Dentistry. (Some Information Below: More details to follow the information below)

The Changing Paradigm of Digital Implant Dentistry


Digital technology has revolutionized implant dentistry but not without frustration. Recent advances with hardware, software, and materials now present integrated solutions for the implant team through planning, placement, and restoration. Single implant treatment will be presented for every-day practice, as well as more advanced partial and fully-edentulous techniques. The most efficient and precise workflows through Keystone and its industry partners will give you concrete digital solutions ready for implementation in your practice. At the conclusion of the lecture the speaker will define some different “team structures” for how the surgeon, dentist, and lab could invest in technology and work together. 

At the end of the lecture the participant will have gained insights on how to:

Appreciate the benefits and applications of intra-oral scanning

Appreciate the complete spectrum of materials and restoration design options with a fully-digital process

Understand how digital information from the Restorative Doctor, Surgeon and Laboratory combine for successful and efficient treatment

Create a technology blueprint for your practice focused on implant dentistry capabilities

Discover the key components to an educational and compelling treatment planning process focused on full arch cases generated direct from the public

Discover unique strategies to target patients that are not aware they have a need for your product

Explore proven and successful creative media marketing strategies and learn how to promote your practice


The Black Tie Dinner & Celebration

The Midwest Implant Institute® Black Tie Dinner is welcome to all and will be an evening of gathering with great drinks, excellent meals and camaraderie.   Join all for a celebration, awards and a special evening honoring Dr. Daniel Camm with The 2018 Midwest Implant Institute Honored Fellow Award for his lifetime achievements within implant dentistry.  Additionally, the evening will carry-on in the celebration of the 81st birthday of Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller, the Midwest Implant Institute, Founder. 


Experience Digital Implant Dentistry: [3D Printing]:

Participants will experience “The 3D Printer Session” with an opportunity to learn and have hands-on use of precisely selected digital printers that have been proven to be extremely beneficial within implant dentistry and beyond (ortho, retainers, dentures etc.) with a price-point that has an immediate ROI.  Within this session, the participant will encompass a broad education of printing materials, printer speed/microns, functionality, procedures, resin curing controls etc. in a step-by-step fashion with a an opportunity for questions to be answered. Each participant will fully understand each 3D printer system, software access, build platforms, resin/material diversity, network connections, finishing kits, laser power, build thickness/volume and much more.  Simply put, each participant will leave with no question unanswered.


In 2018, it is ok to be tired of paying 100 times more for surgical guides that you can accurately fabricate in your office in minimal time and staff power.  Talking about accuracy? These 3D printers are within 50 micron (1/20th of a millimeter) and can print from your phone.  Now is the time to decrease your overhead and stress while increasing your productivity and profitability.

The Joseph Hotel extends an exclusive offer for The Midwest Implant Institute Fellows Symposium Registrants.  The amount of rooms extended with this discount offer is limited and has a deadline of July 5th, 2018 at first come, first serve. . .  so please register soon below:


Or, guests can call the Reservations Team at (855) 811-0075 and ask for the Midwest Implant Institute Fellows Symposium 2018 room block.

More Details to Come!




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