The Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide implant education and supportive courses in a step-by-step, full participation format, blending generalists and specialists in the dental discipline using a faculty of recognised leaders in the field. 
The mission is based on our historic tradition of bringing together quality education and the personal aspect of helping the dentist and staff become the best they can. 

Long range missions/goals 

Broad statement. 

Midwest Implant Institute was established to support the government’s desire to have all dentists in USA to have a basic understanding of dental Implantology, and to provide the necessary educational support for those dentists who wish to become involved in providing such treatment in their own offices. The programs are designed to create a sound, uniform protocol for education, understanding and treatment for the whole team and to cover the additional subjects associated with the proper provision of such treatment. 

How do we aim to achieve our goals? 

  • By creating a sound educational structure.
  • Supported by experienced teachers.
  • Covering all the relevant protocols.
  • Offering it to all qualified dentists and their staff.
  • Keeping up with the latest research and ethics.
  • Providing an ongoing structure peer support.