The Midwest Implant Institute (Tennessee)

The Midwest Implant Institute Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller with the Midwest Implant Institute faculty in Columbus, Ohio together with Dr. Jody Griffin in Knoxville, Tennessee will be serving dentists and staff with implant dentistry education. 

Dr. Duke has been placing dental implants since 1969. He as taught thousands of dentists/staff the art of placing implants as well as restoring implants. Dr. Heller started the Midwest Implant Institute in 1980. 

Dr. Jody Griffin, who is a Midwest Implant Institute graduate of the MII Externship Program as well as completing his requirements for the MII Fellowship honor. Dr. Jody has graciously agreed to serve on the MII-Knoxville Institute Faculty. As a Fellow of MII, Dr. Jody very much enjoys teaching colleagues the art of implant surgery and implant prosthetics. Dr. Griffin brought many patients to MII-Ohio to learn to do the simple implant procedures as well as the more difficult surgical and bone grafting techniques. 


The two-day 303 introductory course will teach you the basics of implant dentistry encompassing necessary implant anatomy, injection techniques to assure anesthesia, bone grafting materials, implant prosthetic parts and pieces, as well as an understanding how to diagnose and treatment plan implant dentistry as a treatment option. The financial rewards of providing the implant treatment for your patients, instead of referring those procedures out of your office, will add to your bottom line increasing your gross income.  Additionally, this course will educate your staff in proper sterile technique to perform surgical procedures in a sterile environment. The staff will also learn how to assist the doctor in correct implant placement as well as learn the parts and pieces of the implant prosthetics. By the staff becoming familiar with the surgical instruments they will be able to truly perform the duties of a surgical dental assistant. By the staff becoming familiar with the healing screws, healing abutments, straight and angled implant abutments, as well as hex-wrenches and the use of torque wrenches.

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