(605) The All-on-4/6 Surgical Course

Course Description

The Immediate Function Surgical Course.

The All-on-4/6 series of courses is the complete training and surgical instruction to integrate this surgical procedure into your office. This two part series begins with the (605) All-on-4/6 Pre-Surgical Course, which serves as the prerequisite for the (605) All-on-4/6 Surgical Course.  This is where you will want to immediately contact our trained staff to guide you through the process of submitting your patient information and material. The (605) All-on-4/6 course is limited to 16 participants that will perform live surgery in their All-on-4/6 case.  If you have been looking for the complete surgical training with the live surgery experience to integrate this procedure into your office.  Look no further.


Course Topics

The All-on-4/6 Surgical Course (605). This course is designed for the second part of the two part series and is a hands-on-surgical based course, in which patients perform live surgery. Below are a few of the additional topics:

  • Each Participant will perform surgery on the patients they have treatment planned in part 1
  • Determine proper location for the implants and multi-unit abutments for proper immediate function
  • Surgical Techniques to Minimize Unfavorable Results
  • The All-on-4/6 Prosthetic Components/li>
  • The All-on-4/6 related Anatomy
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to observe the other surgeries that will be taking place over the two days of live surgery. This will give each participant the ability to experience many different treatment scenarios so that they can learn different treatment modalities for their patient bases in their office
  • Pre and Post-op Pain Management

Course Objectives

With in this (603), The All-on-4/6 Surgical Course there are many objectives, some are listed below:


  • Understand principles (laboratory, prosthetics,surgical), pre and post-op protocols and procedures required for predictable successful All-on-4™/All-on-6 full-arch immediate-load provisional prosthesis and various definitive prosthesis options for your patients.
  • Learn the possible risks and success rates of approaches to full-arch implant prosthesis with All-on-4™/All-on-6 solutions and treatments for full-arch immediate-load implant prosthesis as well as comparing and contrasting the timeline for each procedure.
  • Understand how to identify common complications that can occur with All-on-4™/All-on-6 prosthesis and learn how to treat them.
  • Learn a full-circle consolation procedure that embodies specific patient education, case presentation and informed consent procedures.
  • Learn hands-on surgical experience under step-by-step guided supervision and experience all tissue manipulation and implant placement experience under live patient surgery.
  • Understand vital communication between prosthodontist, implant surgeon and laboratory technician, and learn the recommended follow up schedule and maintenance procedures for individual cases.

Course Instructors

  • Dr. Alfred "Duke" Heller
  • Dr. Robert Heller
  • Dr. Thomas Bilski
  • Dr. Jody Griffin
  • Ms. Karen Fairhurst
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2 days CE CREDITS: 15 (lecture CE: 8 Hands-on CE: 8)

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