The Botox & Fillers Course

Course Description

The Complete Botox Course for Practice Integration. 

The Midwest Implant Institute is, as always, thinking outside of the box. We have gathered a team of dental specialists, a human anatomy PhD and a facial plastic surgeon to develop this course. Together our group has developed a one day Botox and facial filler course that cannot be rivaled. The head and neck review alone is worth the time and investment you have made. You will review the muscles of facial expressions along with the muscles of mastication and how they relate to everyday dentistry. You will be surprised with this information and be confident with providing Botox and facial fillers for your patients in your practice immediately. 

You will receive lecture material and hands on training from the team and receive immediate feedback from your over the shoulder instructor. The history of Botox, where it has been and where Botox is going to be in the future. Practical applications for Botox in regards to myofacial pain, TMJ appliance therapy and migraine headache therapy. As the need for implant dentistry is ever increasing; so will the need for managing the muscles of mastication and their force of contraction. Even the most compliant patient will lose out to the hyperactivity of the muscles of mastication and so will the implant dentistry. Learn how to manage these recurring problems with the use of Botox therapies within your dental practice. 

Our team trains dentists real dental uses for Botox and dermal fillers. Learn how to smooth those annoying folds and grooves around the nose and lips with dermal fillers. These procedures are easy to learn and as dentists we need to provide these services to our patients within the scope of our state licensure. The manner in which our staff teaches is entertaining and informative. We are approachable and we encourage student interaction during the training sessions. We want all dentists to be excited about their new training and confident to implement what you have learned.


Course Topics

The (201) Botox & Smile Design Course covers a broad simplification of Course Topics, Course Objectives, and Hands-on Participation. Below are a few of the Topics: 

  • Head and Neck Anatomy
  • Tissue Management
  • History of Botox
  • Injection techniques for Botox and dermal fillers
  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Migraine, TMJ and Bruxism appliance therapy and Botox
  • Skin typing: Who is the best patient to inject
  • Historical background of dermal fillers
  • Pre and Post-op Pain Management
  • The differences between dermal fillers: Juviderm vs. Radiesse
  • Consultation and Treatment planning with the appropriate fees
  • State regulations and licensure

    Course Objectives

    With in this (201) Botox & Smile Design Course there are many objectives, some are listed below: 

    • How to determine if Botox or dermal fillers or both are for your patient
    • Understanding Botox for TMJ, migraine headaches and severe bruxism
    • How to treatment plan Botox and fillers into your cosmetic cases
    • Eliminating “Smokers lines”
    • Volumizing facial planes, grooves and folds
    • Appliance therapy and Botox
    • Contraindications for Botox and dermal fillers
    • How to handle the “elevens”, crow’s feet and any other wrinkle

    Course Instructors

    • Dr. Thomas Bilski
    • Dr. David Stepnick
    • Dr. Robert Heller
    • Ms. Karen Fairhurst
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    2 days CE CREDITS: 15 (lecture CE: 12 Hands-on CE: 3)

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