(303) Doctor Registration - The Comprehensive Implant Surgery & Team Training Course

Course Description


The Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course is a 2-day course designed to cover the complete prerequisite requirements that will allow you and your staff to begin training. As the Midwest Implant Institute always strives to improve your educational experience for you and your staff, we are now bringing the live surgical experience closer and more in-depth. This new aligned focus is geared to give you and your staff the experience to ensure the transition of incorporating the simple and most advanced surgical procedures to take your patient care and service to the next level. 

Simple clinical and didactic basis of multiple aspects of step-by-step dental implant surgery, prosthetics and staff training. This complete course will allow you to see the value of incorporating implant dentistry within your practice and prepare you and your staff to begin training in live surgery! 

The benefits of Live Surgery rather than DVD recorded surgery allows the participant to learn in greater depth. Having the ability to personally view surgical implant procedures together with interactive case discussion allows the participant to live in the “real world” surgical aspect. Post-operative group discussion allows the participant to express their opinions and offer clinical suggestions. This Classroom/Surgical Operatory Hybrid course promotes clinical, classroom and peer-to-peer educational environment discussing multiple implant procedures. 

Within the Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course (303), the participant will review multiple facets of implant dentistry. The instructional and hands-on foundation includes the basic anatomy and tissue management for simple implant placement. Diagnosis and treatment planning give the doctor knowledge in planning for implant treatment. Reasons for implant thread design and internal prosthetic components of different systems are discussed. Bone spreading and rotary instrumentation is demonstrated in maxillary and mandibular bone as well as discussion of bone grafting techniques. Hands-on placement of implants in technique models allows the participant to get a tactile feel for the ease of placing implants. Assistants role in serving the doctor during surgery as well as post-operatively with the patient are discussed. Future of dentistry and demographics show that implant treatment is the fastest growing segment of a dental practice. Participants will learn the Midwest Implant Institute Externship Program Requirements. 


Course Topics

The Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course (303) covers a broad simplification of Course Topics, Course Objectives, and Hands-on Participation. Below are a few of the Topics: 

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • Tissue Management
  • Surgical Techniques to Minimize Unfavorable Results
  • Prosthetic Components – simplfication
  • Dental Implant related Anatomy
  • Bone Spreading Techniques
  • Bone Grafting Procedures
  • Bone Manipulation Techniques
  • Immediate Extraction with Implant Placement
  • Atraumatic Extraction
  • Role of Dental Assistant
  • Sterile Technique – Full Drape and Half Drape
  • Pre and Post-op Pain Management
  • Incorporation of Implants into General Dentistry
  • Team Training for Dental Implants
  • The mii Externship Program Requirements

Course Objectives

With in this (303) The Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course there are many objectives, some are listed below:


  • Basic overall understanding and facets of implementing implant dentistry, including surgical and prosthetic components
  • Understanding tissue management as it relates to dental implant surgical procedures
  • Understanding that implant dentistry is a prosthetic discipline with a surgical component
  • Understanding of Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning starting with the anticipated prosthetic result
  • Understanding the basic knowledge of bone grafting procedures related to dental implants
  • Understanding the role of implant dentistry in the future dental practice

Course Instructors

  • Dr. Alfred "Duke" Heller
  • Dr. Robert Heller
  • Dr. Thomas Bilski
  • Dr. Jody Griffin
  • Ms. Karen Fairhurst
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2 days CE CREDITS: 15 (lecture CE: 12 Hands-on CE: 3)


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